Pocket Option Verification Hack: Here’s how you can easily verify your account

Pocket Option is one of the established trading brokers that is known for its user-friendly trading environment for both experienced and novice traders.

This platform cares a lot about the security and trading experience of their traders and therefore they want their users to confirm their identity and complete the verification process before they can make any deposit or withdrawal.

In this blog, I will cover everything about the Pocket Option verification process and we will also go through important questions regarding Pocket Option verification such as How long does Pocket Option verification take, Pocket Option selfie verification, and Pocket Option address verification.

Why Pocket Option Verification?

As I said above Pocket Option verification is an essential step before you can make any deposit or withdrawal you need to go through the verification process.

This process is not only a crucial step it is also equally important for your safety and security. Below are the important reasons Why should complete the verification process

  • Security: Verification ensures that your account is secure and you are the rightful owner. This prevents misuse of your account and also prevents any fraud.


  • Compliance: Verification ensures your safety as it allows you to comply with government policies.


  • High rewards: Pocket Option offers high rewards to the traders to who complete the verification properly the high rewards include high returns on trading deals and free access to tournaments, Risk-free returns and more.


Pocket option Verification process

The Pocket Option verification process is quite easy. However, The process may differ based on your country, Deposit amount, Account status and more. In general, given below is the complete process that you need to go through.

1> Registration: The first and foremost step you need to follow is the Pocket Option registration use this link and create a new Pocket Option account just enter your Email address, Password and click complete registration.

2> Email verification: Once you have created a new Pocket Option account you need to first confirm your email address. Just go to your mail and click on confirm your account.

3> Personal details: Thirdly, Enter your personal details such as your name, and your residential address, You may also need to upload the necessary documents such as your PAN card, or any other government official ID.

4> Selfie verification: You may need to complete selfie verification if you are going to withdraw a large sum of the amount. This process ensures that you are a genuine trader and ensures your account safety.

5> Review: Once you have completed all the above steps now wait for the completion of verification. If your verification is rejected you may need to go through the rejected steps once again.


How long does Pocket Option Verification Take?

The Pocket Option verification process usually takes around one day to two business days. However, It can vary due to numerous factors such as the volume of requests, document accuracy,  verification team responsiveness & more.

As I said above, On average it takes around one day to two business days However, In some cases, it can take a bit longer and therefore, It becomes really essential that you stay calm and patient and wait for the verification to complete.

Pocket Option Verification Rejected -What’s Next?

If your Pocket Option verification is rejected, first of all, stay calm and don’t panic. The Pocket Option verification is rejected due to multiple reasons such as

1> Photo filter: According to the rules of Pocket Option verification you can’t use any filter while uploading your documents. The company wants you to upload raw pictures. I will also highly recommend you disable your normal camera filters or any scene optimizer.

2> Invalid documents: The second most common reason behind verification rejection is uploading any invalid documents. Make sure to upload only those documents that comply with the rules and regulations of the Pocket Option trading platform.

3> Blur or watermark: As I said above, the company wants a raw photo of your document so make sure there is no Blur or any third-party watermark while uploading the documents.

If your Pocket Option verification is rejected you can surely reupload them just make sure to rectify all the errors that caused the rejection of verification you can even contact company officials to help you in the process.



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