Pocket Option is a popular trading platform known for its user-friendly interface and quick trading services.

One of the most important key aspects of any trading platform is the winning amount withdrawal.

In this blog, I will cover the complete Pocket Option withdrawal process and will check the most frequently asked questions such as How to withdraw money from Pocket Option, How long does Pocket Option withdrawal take, How much can you withdraw from Pocket Option, Best way to withdraw from Pocket Option.

How to withdraw money from Pocket Option


How to withdraw money from Pocket Option

You can easily withdraw your winning amount from the Pocket option trading platform. Just follow the steps given below


  • Verification: The Pocket option trading platform is very strict regarding the verification of trading accounts. Therefore, before you can withdraw your money make sure that you have verified your account properly.


  • Log in: Secondly, login to your Pocket Option account. In case you don’t have one you can sign up using this link here.


  • Navigate to the Withdrawal section: Thirdly, Navigate to the withdrawal section of the trading platform. Just click the finance button in the middle of the page and click the withdraw button.


  • Select withdrawal method: The next step is to select your desired withdrawal method. You can select withdrawal methods such as IMPS, Bank cards & more.


  • Enter necessary details: Lastly, Enter the necessary details such as the amount, and your bank details and once you are done request the withdrawal.


How to withdraw money from Pocket Option


That’s it!! The Pocket Option trading platform will verify your request and once your request is accepted the trading platform will credit the winning amount within three or four business days.


How long does Pocket Option withdrawal take?

Pocket Option is known for its quick trading services. Talking about How long does Pocket Option withdrawal takes depends on multiple factors including the withdrawal method, amount and verification.

Given below I have elaborated the withdrawal time for different payment methods.

  • IMPS: IMPS is one of the most popular withdrawal methods and it usually takes around 1 to 5 business days.


  • Bank Account: The withdrawal time may also vary depending on your bank account. You may witness a delay in crediting of the funds if your bank account is Public Ltd.


  • E-wallets: E-wallet withdrawal methods are usually faster than IMPS. It may take from around a few hours to 24 hours for the winning amount to reach your E-wallet.


  • Cryptocurrency Wallet: Cryptocurrency wallets are currently one of the most preferable withdrawal methods. The withdrawal time in a cryptocurrency wallet usually takes around 2 hours to 24 hours.


I have been trading in the Pocket Option trading platform since 2020 and I receive my payments within three or four days using the IMPS method.

Make sure to request the withdrawal during business hours as you may face a delay during holidays and weekends


How much can you withdraw from Pocket Option?


The Pocket Option imposes a certain amount of withdrawal limit based on multiple factors including your account status, verification and withdrawal amount.

Account status: The withdrawal limit depends a lot on your account status. The higher your account status you are likely to get access to higher withdrawal limits.

Verification: Your account verification also plays a very crucial role in deciding your withdrawal limit. The more properly your account is verified you are more likely to have higher withdrawal allowances.

Withdrawal amount: If you are going to withdraw a big amount for instance $5,000 you need to go through a high-level verification. Similarly, If your withdrawal amount is small for instance $10 you need to go through a basic verification process.


Which is the Best way to withdraw from Pocket Option?

By now I have told you everything about Pocket Option withdrawal. Now, coming to the final question Which is the best way to withdraw from Pocket Option. The answer to this question depends upon multiple factors including your country, withdrawal amount, and your bank account.

Country: The best way to select the withdrawal method depends a lot on your country. I am from India and I usually select the most popular method in our country which is UPI.

Withdrawal Amount: If you are going to withdraw a small amount you can easily use E-wallets like Skrill & more. However, for higher amounts, you should go for payment methods like Bank cards, Bank transfers, IMPS & more.

Bank account: The selection of withdrawal also depends a lot upon your bank type a small finance bank or public bank can face a delay than a private one.

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